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CASRE Software Reliability Engineering Program

CASRE is a software reliability engineering program that estimates failure intensity from failure data. Although it is not the only such program, it is readily available, it has a convenient user interface, and you can easily obtain a user guide. CASRE makes it easy to track software reliability growth as you test your software. Execute this program periodically and plot the ratio of software reliability to software reliability objective (in terms of failure intensity to failure intensity objective ratio). By tracking software reliability growth, you can uncover possible problems and take timely corrective action. CASRE also guides you in deciding when the software reliability has reached the software reliability objective, such that the software can be released.

CASRE 3.0 (the latest version) is available from the Open Channel Foundation. Please note when you access the site and order CASRE that you must print out, sign, and fax the license agreement to them as instructed on the site before they can make the program available to you for downloading.

Note: The comprehensive User Guide provided with the program contains 210 pages and is oriented to researchers; however, there is an excellent concise user manual that is oriented to practitioners in the book Software Reliability Engineering: More Reliable Software Faster and Cheaper and in the notes for the course More Reliable Software Faster and Cheaper – classroom version or distance learning version (same in both cases).

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