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Software Reliability Engineering: More Reliable Software
Faster and Cheaper - 2nd. Edition

-John D. Musa

The classic guide to software reliability engineering (SRE),
the time-saving practice for the software professional

ACM Software Engineering Notes: “…an introductory book, a reference, and an application book all compressed in a single volume…The author’s experience in reliability engineering is apparent and his expertise is infused in the text.”

IEEE Computer: “Toward software you can depend on…This book illustrates the entire SRE process…An aid to systems engineers, systems architects, developers, and managers.”

NOW thoroughly rewritten for the latest SRE practice, enlarged 50%, and polished by thousands of practitioners, with:
- Workshops for applying what you learn to your project (NEW FEATURE)
- Frequently asked questions (DOUBLED TO MORE THAN 700)
- Step-by-step process summary
- Software user manual
- List of articles of SRE user experience
- Glossary
- Background sections
- Exercises
All updated, enhanced, and exhaustively indexed
Author John D. Musa: One of the founders of SRE, IEEE Fellow, Engineer of the Year 2004, Who’s Who in America since 1990, prolific researcher, international consultant and teacher, experienced and practical software developer and manager.

More About the Book

· Shows how to develop and test software more efficiently, giving you more time for your personal life
· Makes you more competitive in a world of globalization and outsourcing
· Furnishes everything you need to implement SRE in your organization, even showing you how to persuade people to adopt the practice
· Presents material in a casual, readable style, with math placed in separate background sections
· Includes a simple, compact user manual for free CASRE software reliability estimation software, downloadable from the internet
· Separates basic practice from special situations for faster learning
· Gives you exercises to reinforce what you just learned
· Supplies workshop templates to help you apply SRE to your project and record how you did it
· Presents more than 700 of the best SRE questions asked by thousands of professionals in hundreds of classes and answers them
· Lists articles by SRE users where you can find how others practiced SRE in various settings
· Works well for self learning
· Provides the perfect deskside companion for the software professional, engineer, or manager
If you liked the First Edition, you’ll love the Second and want to update.


This is a Print on Demand (POD) book. You can order one or more copies directly (with more than 21% discount) from AuthorHouse (click here to access) or call toll free at 1-888-280-7715. Using the latest automated technology, your order will be custom printed and shipped to you as fast as you can obtain a traditionally published professional book. Unlike traditional books, economies are such that it can remain in print even if only a few copies are ordered each year. This 630 pp (including prefaces and appendices) book comes in two editions:

Hardbound: blue cover, gold-stamped spine, jacket as shown above

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Paperback: cover as shown above.

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- How SRE Can Help You (start of Chapter 1)

- How to Use This Book

- Table of Contents

- Sample of Core Material from “Implementing Operational Profiles”

- Sample Core Material from “Engineering ‘Just Right’ Reliability”

- Sample Core Material from “Preparing for Test”

- Sample Core Material from “Executing Test”

- Sample Core Material from “Guiding Test”

- Sample Core Material from “Deploying SRE”

- Sample Core Material from "Using CASRE Software"

- Some Sample Exercises

- Some Sample Workshop Steps

- A Sample from a Special Situation

- A Sample from a Background Section

- Some Sample Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

- Some of the Organizations Who Have Contributed to This Book

More About the Author

· Became a software practitioner first, then a researcher to solve the needs of practitioners
· Understood the business side of software and the necessity for the engineering side to meet customer needs
· Created personally much of what he writes about
· Developed and refined the book material through 15 years experience teaching and consulting to several thousand practitioners in many different organizations and a wide variety of software applications
· Experienced directly the challenge of persuading software professionals to apply SRE, as manager of AT&T’s SRE Best Current Practice team
· Worked with many different organizations to help them integrate SRE into their software development processes for a wide variety of products
· Developed a wide engineering background and awareness of research, new technology, and new practice through service on editorial boards of IEEE Software, IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Proceedings, and major publishers
· Cultivated a keen awareness of SRE trends with a long term involvement in conference program committees, paper reviewing, and standards and an extensive SRE network
· Analyzed consistently the instances when users said, “I don’t understand” and tried to fix the problem with the material

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