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STEP 1 OF 4. We will develop an operational profile for your base product. Identify the operation initiators. Consider user types and external systems as possibilities. The base product itself will usually also be an initiator.

Illustration - Fone Follower:

User types:
System administrator

External systems:

System itself

STEP 2 OF 4. Consider in turn each operation initiator listed in Step 1. List its operations. Merge the lists, eliminating any duplicates among operations coming from different initiators. Since operations represent some sort of processing, a good question to ask in determining whether you have really defined an operation is, “Does the name start with a verb?” Limit the number to not more than about 10 operations for purposes of this exercise (you can complete the list later when you deploy software reliability engineering; we will just learn the approach now). Try to get operations from different types of initiators, so that you get experience working with the different types.