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1.4.1 Testing acquired software

At one time, it appeared that as a routine matter we should separately acceptance test all acquired software, the software that we as a supplier did not develop ourselves. Acquired software includes “off the shelf” or packaged software, software that we reuse from another product, component, or object library; and subcontracted software. Note that you should consider software that you develop within your company but not under the managerial control of your project, as being subcontracted.
Unfortunately, the testing of acquired software has not proved out to be useful in general practice, although it may still be beneficial in special situations. The idea was to check any acquired software whose reliability was unknown or questionable early in product development. The goal was early detection of unreliability, so that you could take appropriate actions to prevent schedule delays or cost overruns. Unfortunately, most development schedules turned out to be too challenging for this approach to have time to work.
There are two cases, however, in which such test may be useful…