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What is software reliability engineering and how can it help you?

Are you short of time? Stressed out? Do you need more time for yourself and your family? Are you worried about being competitive in this environment of globalization and outsourcing? If you are a software professional, an engineer who deals with software, or a software or engineering student who will be dealing with software in the future, this technology and practice is for you. As a software development manager in 1973, I found myself struggling with customer demands that we produce software that was more reliable, built faster, and built cheaper. I didn’t want to work any more hours; I was serious about my profession, but I also wanted to enjoy life. The only way out that I could see was to work smarter. Why not work out a better way to develop software? And why not use engineering background to develop a practice that would be quantitatively based? I quickly found that many other people shared this problem and this vision. Together we have put together and are continuing to grow software reliability engineering. Here’s more detail:

· 3 page Summary

· 14 page Overview

· Overview Talk (One Hour) -- Streaming video or slides (one per page or four per page)



Software Reliability Engineering and Testing Courses