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Software Reliability Engineering
Public Course and Overview Plans

This listing consists of all presently scheduled significant presentations in software reliability engineering by John D. Musa that are open to the public. Note that many of Musa’s software reliability engineering courses are given to specific companies or organizations, as this approach is particularly effective in deploying software reliability engineering in that company or organization. The listing follows the general format of location/ contact person or organization/ contact (telephone, website, email, as appropriate). An asterisk (*) indicates a short summary software reliability engineering tutorial (one day or half day instead of two), a sharp (#) indicates a software reliability engineering overview (typically one hour), both symbols indicate that both are available. If there is no symbol, a full two day course in software reliability engineering is scheduled.

Available Courses:

None available at this time

If you do not find a public presentation that is convenient for you, consider bringing the course directly onsite to your organization if you have 5 or more people, or, if you have less, consider the distance learning version of the course.




Software Reliability Engineering and Testing Courses