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PRACTITIONERS’ CORNER - Help for anyone building a product containing software

· Deploying software reliability engineering

· User experiences with software reliability engineering –bibliography of published articles

· Important application examples in DOD Software Tech News magazine – mass market products (Microsoft), ultrareliable systems (Space Shuttle), security (National Security Agency), automated testing (leading financial exchange) – download pdf version free

· Standards in software reliability engineering


PROFESSORS’ CORNER – A big help for anyone teaching software reliability engineering

· How Should Software Reliability Engineering (SRE) Be Taught? An article by 7 renowned international academic and industrial leaders in software reliability engineering.

· Access slides and course materials on software reliability engineering of professors worldwide who are teaching it. You can copy and adapt them for your courses in accordance with the permission notices that appear with them. You can contact the professors for discussion and collaboration.

· Join the Professors’ Software Reliability Engineering Network: upload the slides and materials for your own course and exchange ideas with other professors teaching software reliability engineering worldwide: this is great for your international reputation, and your students can access your course materials directly from anywhere. To join, contact Professor Laurie Williams at North Carolina State University.


RESEARCHERS’ CORNER – Resources for software reliability engineering researchers

· Software failure data - directly accessible

· DEBUGGING HISTORY ARCHIVE: Growing archive of more than 2,500,000 programs for solving more than 1500 different problems. Each programmer normally submits series of programs until program is judged (automatically) correct. Thus archive represents a wide diversity of small programs written by a large set of international programmers, with complete debugging histories recorded. It offers a great opportunity for software reliability research!

o Access debugging history archive directly:

o Access software reliability researchers with experience in using degugging history archive:

· LISTS OF OPEN SOURCE PROJECTS (over 100,000): Usually free from proprietary restrictions on data and hence very promising resources for researchers

o List 1

o List 2

o Users of bug reporting tool (more likely to have bug data)



· CASRE - Free downloadable software reliability engineering program that estimates failure intensity from failure data. CASRE is supported; you can pose questions, report bugs, and exchange tricks and tips.

· Conference – 18th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE) – Trollhattan, Sweden – November 5-9, 2007

· FAQ (Frequently asked question) of the month in software reliability engineering

· Glossary for software reliability engineering

· SOFTWARE RELIABILITY ENGINEERING NETWORK - Join the SRE Network to communicate by email with an extensive international network of hundreds of people interested in software reliability engineering. You can ask technical questions, bring up and discuss technical issues, and send out news and announcements (for example, conferences and workshops) relevant to SRE. Recruiting or job searching, commercial selling, and unrelated topics are not permitted; abuse may lead to loss of membership.

– To join, send the message SUBSCRIBE SW-REL to mailto:LISTSERV@COMPUTER.ORG

– To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the network, mailto: SW-REL@COMPUTER.ORG.

· SOFTWARE RELIABILITY ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION – Join the Software Reliability Engineering Technical Committee by going to and then Join tab at top of resulting window. Follow instructions. You will be joining the host organization Technical Council on Software Engineering so that you can join its Software Reliability Engineering Technical Committee.

Software Reliability Engineering and Testing Courses